About Sam

It is often said that no one is really from LA. Rather, it is made up of all the places people have left behind. In a town of transients it is this mixture of influences that cultivates art and music. Like Jim Morrison and many before him, Venice is the adopted-home and creative backdrop for Southern-born musician Sam Hobson, who blends soulful swagger with sun-drenched sand and ocean blues. Hobson's songs slide from raucous to reflective, sensitive to smart, acoustic guitars and raw beats moving under waves of poetry, like the lovechild of Leonard Cohen and Mos Def.

A native of Nonesuch, Kentucky who came West to study English at UC Berkeley, Hobson cites influences ranging from Woody Guthrie and Wu Tang Clan to Kerouac and Rimbaud. Living in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, he recalls poverty and wealth coexisting intimately, a duality he reconciles with instinctive proficiency. He explores the tension between life on the road and the memory of home in "I Choose You", and sprints through a novel's worth of relationships in "Said and Done". He recounts loves and near-loves with tingling frankness and vulnerability, admitting that the temptation of excess is worth "Nothing Without You". Hobson’s vivid experiences flood each track at an exhilarating pace, reinventing the blues to the beat of LA.

News + Headlines

New Music Video For “Said and Done”!

We’re happy to report that the music video for “Said and Done” has JUST been completed and posted to the Videos page! Click “Said and Done” to go straight to the video, which was shot in the Hollywood Hills by hot music video director, Tryan George. Continue reading